Using sub-accounts for tracking sales reps, referrals, etc.

You can create a sub-account within the FS system to more easily track sales from a specific source, such as a sales person, partner, or other agents to create a listing for a client.

The way is works is that a sub-account can create a listing from your website and just need to enter their access code during the order process in order to be associated with the sale. You can also allow them to bypass all payment methods, in case they were collecting payment on site.

You can view the listing accounts in your admin section and see what accounts are associated to each sub-account by viewing the transaction details for the listing/account.

To create a sub-account, log into your control panel, then do the following:
  1. Click on FS Control Panel.
  2. Click on Sub-Accounts.
  3. Click to Create Sub-Account.
  4. Enter the information for the sub-account, name, e-mail and phone number.
  5. Enter an access code that you will provide the sub-account user to use when signing up listings.
  6. Select if you want them to bypass the payment process or not.
  7. Click to Add-Sub Account.
  8. Next, you will notice, when you go to the sign up process on your website, the Access Code box will appear on step 1 of the process. If it does not appear for you, you may be linking to the incorrect process, or skipping a step.

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