Authorize.NET Setup for FS / FSBO System

Part 1

To setup Authorize.NET on your LinkURealty FS website, you will need to perform the following steps. Before you can setup Authorize.NET on a FS website, you need a API Login ID and Transaction Key. The first steps are performed in Authorize.NET, which will require your Authorize.NET login information.
  1. Click to log in to at:
  2. Once logged in, click on Settings.
  3. Under Security Settings, click on "API Login ID and Transaction Key".
  4. You may have to answer a secret question in order to obtain your API Login ID or Transaction key.
  5. Once you have obtained your API Login ID and Transaction key, make note if it, such as coping and pasting them to notepad or similar program.
In some cases, your Authorize.NET account will be set in TEST MODE before you use it and you will need to take it OUT of test mode in order to start processing transactions. To modify your Authorize.NET account's TEST MODE setting, so you will be able to run live transactions from your gateway, do the following:
  1. Click to login to at:
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Test Mode.
  4. Turn Test ON.
  5. To turn if off, do the following, but turn it to off, once your website is live.

Part 2

The next set of steps are done in the LinkURealty control panel. In most cases, LinkU will set this part up for you during the initial website setup and FS configuration process.
  1. Next you will need to log in to your LinkURealty control panel.
  2. Click on FS Settings.
  3. Click on Payment Methods.
  4. Click "View/Manage Payment Methods".
  5. Click on "[Details]" for any of the Credit Card payment types.
  6. Enter the Payment Gateway Code: CC
  7. Enter the Gateway URL:
  8. Select Authorize.NET for the Gateway Type.
  9. Paste or type in the API Login ID for the Gateway Account ID.
  10. Paste or type in the Transaction Key for the Gateway Account Code.
  11. Enter the following URL for Gateway Referral URL:
  12. Select if you want to enable auto-activation for this payment method. (Note:You will also need to enable Auto-Activation in your FS Settings for this to work)
  13. Click Save Changes.
  14. Check the Credit Card methods in which your Authorize.NET is enabled to accept. You may need to contact your merchant or Authorize.NET to find out. By default, it is usually just Visa and Mastercard.
  15. Click Save Changes.
  16. Click to Return to the FSBO Menu.
  17. Click on FS Settings.Click Additional Settings.Scroll Down to Payment Settings.
  18. Click Design Integration HTML.
  19. Place your cursor in the Header HTML box.
  20. Right click, then select Select All.
  21. Right click, then select Copy.
  22. Click "Go Back".
  23. Under HTML Header, in the text area, right click.
  24. Click Paste.
  25. Click Design Integration HTML again.
  26. Place your cursor in the Footer HTML box.
  27. Right click, then select Select All.
  28. Right click, then select Copy.
  29. Click "Go Back".
  30. Under HTML Footer in the text area, right click.
  31. Click Paste.
  32. Scroll to the bottom, click Save Changes.
Your account is now setup to accept Authorize.NET. It is recommended to set your Authorize.NET account to TEST MODE so you can test your website to ensure it will accept the payment without error.

You can enable test mode in your LinkU control panel by doing the following:
  1. Click on FS Settings.
  2. Click on Payment Methods.
  3. Click "View/Manage Payment Methods".
  4. Click on "[Details]" for any of the Credit Card payment types.
  5. Find the Test Mode setting and turn it ON.
  6. Click to Save Changes.
  7. You will want to turn it back to OFF, once your website is live.

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