Design Integration and/or External Files Not Found

When you go to a domain name, the website appears fine and you are able to navigate the website, however, certain elements of the website do not work properly, such as:
  • When you perform a design integration, the design appears blank, or is not loading the images or CSS files.
  • When you attempt to access Virtual Office files, or FSBO listing images, the files display a 404 Not Found error or appear as broken links and/or images.
  • Links to display a 404 not found error, or appear as broken links.
This is usually caused by the domain name being redirected or forwarded. If the domain name appears in the URL bar and doesn't change to the full link or URL, then the domain name forward is being masked, AKA, masking, AKA, domain name mask.

In this situation, the domain name is not actually pointed to LinkU, so the files don't actually exist on the web address. The domain name is simply redirecting them to a preview URL, or temporary address setup on LinkU. This in turn will cause the issues above.

You can verify this issue a couple ways:
  • Go to the web address, then hover your mouse over the links. Does it show the temporary URL?
  • When you click on a link, does the URL change in the address bar, or stay the domain name?
  • When you PING the domain name, does it show OUR web server IP address?
  • Do you WHOIS on the domain name. Does it show LinkU nameservers?
To fix the issue, the domain name must be properly pointed to LinkU. This is done by either updating the name servers to point to ours, or adding the correct DNS records to their DNS server.

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