Website or Domain Name Cannot be Found/Server not found

This error generally indicates that a domain name is not resolving to the server address. This can mean that DNS records have not yet been setup, or that the nameservers are pointing to the incorrect servers, or the domain name is expired, among other issues with the registar or registration of the domain name.

You can check this by doing a WHOIS on the domain name.
  1. Go to
  2. Follow the directions and enter the domain name to check.
  3. On the results page, check the Name Servers on the bottom. It may read something like:
    NS1.LINKUSYSTEMS.NET or NS2.LINKUSYSTEMS.NET. The servers may be different if you are not hosting DNS with LinkU.
  4. If the name server settings are correct, check the domain name status and expiration date. If the domain is expired, that is likely the issue, OR if the domain name status is: clientHOLD or something similar, this can also mean the domain name is expired. See below for details on this status.
  5. If that is not the issue, check to ensure DNS settings are setup for the website.
  6. You can check DNS records on
  7. If it reports no records found, then this may be the issue. Contact LinkU support for assistance, otherwise if you are not hosting DNS with LinkU, make sure any DNS records on LinkU are deleted (you must contact support for this as well).

If the domain name is expired, or Client Hold status

A domain name with the Status of “CLIENT HOLD” or “REGISTRAR-HOLD” is expired. You will need to contact your Domain Provider to renew your domain name.

Depending on where you perform the WHOIS lookup, the output may show the expiry date as being next year. This is a temporary year given by the Registry in order to allow the domain name to still remain registered to you even though the domain has expired.

If the domain is not renewed within 40 days of the expiry date the Registry will revoke the “extra year” and the domain name may be deleted from the domain registry and someone else can register it.

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