Create subscribe link for specific mailing list

Once you've created Mailing Lists through the Campaign Manager you can use enable the 'Subscribe' page on your website to allow interested subscribers to select which mailing list they want to be subscribed to. However there may be situations where you want to specify which list you want them to be subscribed to when they fill out the form. Well, you can hide the checkbox selection on the page with a little extra code in the URL and pre-select for them.

Example Scenario
John just launched a promotion on Craigslist and wants to reward those that subscribe to his mailing list with a 20% discount for first time customers.  He needs to make sure that the only way to subscribe to this mailing list is through the links found on his Craigslist ad and not have that category as an option on his subscription page of his website.

To do this all you'd need to know is the list id which can be found in the URL of your mailing list.  Once you have that id, built out the link like this:

Replace XXXX with your mailing list ID. This tells our system to not display category choices but instead place this subscriber into the mailing list with the id specified.

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