How customize the "Listing Finished" page (Step 7 Sign-Up Complete)

When a listing is finished being added, the user is directed to step 7 of the the process, the sign up completed page.

You can add additional text to this page, such as additional or special instructions, by editing the default content page. This can be done in the control panel under website content.

  1. Click on Website Content
  2. From the Default Pages drop down, select:
    1. FS - Step 7 Sign-Up Complete (A)
      This step is displayed for Owner/Single Listing accounts.
    2. FS - Step 7 Sign-Up Complete (B)
      This step is displayed for Multi-Listing accounts.
  3. Enter the text you would like to appear on the page.
  4. Click to Save.

If you would like to use your own URL, or page, such as a custom page, or other URL, you may specify a URL for the user to be directed to at the end of the listing process. Both Single and Mult-Listing accounts will be redirected to the same page. To modify this:

  1. Go to FS Settings.
  2. Under the section Sign Up Process Settings, find Custom Listing Finished URL.
  3. Enter the URL the user will be directed to.
  4. Click to Save Changes.


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