Filter listings by Sold/Pending.

We offer a default Sold Listings page for you to display all your Sold and Pending properties. Simply enable this page to display these properties. To do so, do the following:

  1. Click on Navigation Menu.
  2. Find the page Sold Listings.
  3. Click the checkbox to enable it.
  4. Click to Save Changes.

The page should enable on the site and will automatically display any Sold/Pending properties that are entered into the LinkURealty listing database.

If you would like to display ONLY sold or ONLY pending listings, then you can do so using a filter.

To do so, you can create a Menu Item Hyperlink with a customized URL.

  1. Click on Navigation Menu.
  2. Click to Create Menu Item Hyperlink.
  3. Enter a name for your page and display name, for example: 'Pending Listings'
  4. Enter the following URL:
    /default.asp?f=sold_listings&pending=1  (shows only pending properties)
    /default.asp?f=sold_listings&sold=1 (shows only sold properties)
  5. Click to Add.
  6. Now just activate this page on your menu.
  7. The page will filter and display only those listings marked Sold or Pending (depending on the type of filter you used).

This filter should work on all listings pages, including commercial, rentals, etc. All you would do is change the URL.. for example:

Rentals: /default.asp?f=rental_listings&pending=1
Lot/Land : /default.asp?f=lots_land&pending=1
Commercial: /default.asp?f=listings_commercial&pending=1

To exclude PENDING listings, simply change out the 1 to a 0, for example:

To exclude SOLD listings, simply change out the 1 to a 0, for example:

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