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What is the difference between organic and sponsored results?

When referring to a "Natural" or "Organic" result, it is referring to the portion of a search engine where the website that is appearing did not pay the search engine for the placement.  When you type a keyword into Google, you will see that the main part of the screen is where the results pop up, and on the right hand or top of the screen you will see more search results that might be highlighted in yellow, or in their own column.  The results that pop up in a color or a column are "Pay Per Click" ads in which the website that is appearing is paying to be in that position.  The main part of the screen that you see the results on the left are known as the organic search engine results. 

When your stats say that you have natural search engine visits, it means someone looked up a keyword or phrase, and your site came up as a natural result and they clicked on it.  This is VERY good.  People and companies can spend hours and hours of time, and big money to get into these natural search engine results.  Every site is indexed at some point into a Search engine, but it can take a lot of work and a lot of money to get into a good ranking in the natural part of the search engines. 

From a recent survey that I read about organic SEO, roughly 82% of people only search through the organic search results and never think twice about clicking on a side ad, and most don’t even know what the side ads are for. 

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