Redirect multiple domain names to your website or specific page on your site

There are a few ways you can redirect another domain name to your website or specific page within your website.

Important Note! If you are using multiple domain names soley for the purpose of search engines, or optimization, please keep in mind that have multiple domain names for a website will not have any positive impact on your search engine rankings.

Some common uses would include:

  • Redirecting an old website address to the new website address.
  • To utlize different domain names for different marketing efforts (not SEO)
  • Catch common mis-spellings of the domain name and redirect to the correct domain.
  • Capture "type-in" traffic, meaning someone types in the domain name without searching and they are redirected to your site. For example, your name is Jacob Smith. You have a website called, but also register the domain name, so if someone types that in, they are redirected to your site.

Domain Name Forwarding
This is done through your registar (the company where you registered the domain name, ie: GoDaddy). You can login to your accoutn with them, and manage your domain name. They may offer a domain name forwarding option, which allows you to redirect the domain name to another URL. Generally there is no cost to do it using this method. Sometimes they will include e-mail services with your domain name, or e-mail may have additions costs.

Domain Name Redirect
We can perform the redirect as well. In most cases, we do charge a setup fee per domain name. You will need to change your domain name's name servers to point to LinkU. The domain will be redirected to the URL specificied, which can even be a specific page within your LinkU website. E-mail services are not included and may cost extra per domain name. If you would like to set this up, please submit a support request from

Domain Name Masking
We do not recommend using domain name masking for redirecting your website. It can cause unexpected issues and side effects on your LinkU website.

Domain Name Alias
An alias or host header, can be added to your current site. It would allow your site to be accessed under multiple domain names or identities. it is not a redirect. This method does have additional monthly costs and is not usually recommended, except under special circumstances. If you would like to set this up, please submit a support request from

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