Automatic shipping calculations by weight using UPS

By selecting this method, the shipping cost will be automatically calculated based on the weight of the total order and the buyers shipping zip code.

To use this method, you MUST assign a shipping weight to each product when you add products to the store.

  1. From the Shipping Settings page, select Price Range.
  2. Enter a ship from zip code, to indicate where the item is shipping from (this allows the system to calculate the cost accurately).
  3. With UPS, you will need to setup a UPS API. You will need to obtain a UPS account first on
  4. Enter the UPS Access, username and password.
  5. Select how the packages will be picked up, or given to UPS.
  6. Select the available shipping UPS methods you will provide for both domestic and international shipping.
  7. Click Save Changes.
  8. Click Return to Shipping Method.
  9. Click on Add Shipping Method.
  10. Enter a shipping method description, such as "UPS".
  11. Specify a base amount that will be added to all shipping costs (including the markup percentage). This is usually recommended if you have a minimum cost for your shipment, such as special packing supplies, etc.
  12. Select the countries where this rate applies.
  13. Click Save Changes.

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