Insert dynamic values such as Name, Domain, etc into your e-mail campaign

You can insert dynamic fields into your e-mail campaign text using by simply inserting the field to your e-mail, for example:

Dear [FirstName],

How are you doing? Have any questions, feel free to call me at [agentphone] or e-mail me at [agentemail].

The fields available for use are listed below (the tags are case sensitive):

[FirstName]  - First name of contact.
[LastName] - Last name of contact.
[domainname] - Domain name assigned to website account.
[agentphone] - Phone number specified in profile.
[agentemail] - E-mail address specified in profile.
[agentcell] - Cell phone number specified in profile.
[agentfax] - Fax number specified in profile.
[date] - The current date.
[companyname] - The company name specified in the profile.
[unsubscribelink] - Inserts a link that says "Unsubscribe Me" as a link to the unsubscribe page.

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