DNS and MX Records for hosting your DNS with a 3rd party

If you are not using LinkU's name servers for your domain name, you will need to setup your DNS records to point to your website with us. This article has instructions for pointing both your website and e-mail to LinkU.

Simply create an A record on your DNS server. You may also be using a control panel provided by your domain registar. You can usually make these changes from there as well. This is usually referred to Advanced DNS Management, Manage DNS Records, or any similar terminology.

To point the website to us, you will need to create an A record (also known as a HOST record) to your website IP address, which is You will also create a CNAME (also known as an ALIAS) named www and point that to your domain name.

A record:
yourdomaingoeshere.com ->

CNAME record:
www -> yourdomaingoeshere.com

If you are also hosting e-mail with LinkU, you will need these mail records for e-mail.

MX records
Priority 10

Priority 20

Priority 30

E-mail CNAME (optional):
mail.yourdomaingoeshere.com -> pop.linkumail.com

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