How do I change my domain name name servers with GoDaddy?

IMPORTANT! Before changing your name servers, let us know if you are using e-mail or hosting a website on the existing domain. Changing your name servers without us being properly setup on our side may cause your website or e-mail to become unavailable.

If you are not using the domain for e-mail and are not currently hosting a website with it, then you should be safe to continue...

To change your GoDaddy domain name over to LinkUSystems web hosting, do the following:

  1. Login to your Domain Account at
  2. On the Domains menu, select and click My Domains.
  3. Find the domain you would like to modify.
  4. Click on the domain name.
  5. On the top button labled, Nameservers.
  6. Click to Set Nameservers.
  7. Select I have specific nameservers for my domains.
  8. Enter the following name servers for #1 and #2.
  9. Click OK.
  10. This will take about 24-48 hours to take effect.

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