How do I update or post to my blog?

Articles are the most important part of your blog.

To post an article to your blog administration, you must first create and login to your blog.

Before you can add an article, you will first need to create a category for your blog posting. You can just create one category to get started, as it is required in order to post your blog articles.

  1. To add a category, click on 'Add Categories'.
  2. Enter a name for your category.
  3. Click Submit to save it.

If you want to add additional categories, repeat the steps above.

Now you are ready to post your blog article. To do this:

  1. Click on 'Add Articles'.
  2. Select the category for your blog article.
  3. Next enter a heading or title for your article.
  4. Under 'Article Excerpt', you can just enter a short paragraph or description of your article.
  5. The most important is the article content, here is where you basically type out your blog article.
  6. You can allow readers to comment on your article by enabling the Article Comments.
  7. You can limit who is able to view your blog using the article level field. If you want it to be public, simply select Any.
  8. Click Submit.

This will save and post your article to your blog.

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