How do I activate a listing that is set to inactive?

If this is a NEW Listing...

In some cases a new listing will not automatically be set to active. This can be due to your Auto-Activation settings or if there was an error when the user setup the listing. Usually if  a payment is made along with the listing, such as PayPal or credit card the listing settings are configured for auto-activation. Otherwise, for check or cash, free listings, the settings may be configured for manual activation.

In the case your listing was not activated, you may activate it manually by doing the following from your website admin.

  1. Click on FS Control Panel.
  2. Click My Listings.
  3. Click View/Manage FSBO Listings
  4. Find the listing you wish to activate.
  5. Select the checkbox on the left.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the action drop down box.
  7. Select 'Set to Active'.
  8. Click Perform action.
  9. The listing is now active.

If this is an OLD, EXISTING and/or EXPIRED Listing...

Existing listings should not be re-activated from the control panel. This is because the expiration date will remain the same and the listing will simply be de-activated again automatically by our system for being expired.

To properly activate an expired listing, you must renew it. In order to renew it, you must login as the client and choose to Upgrade/Renew the listing. Follow the steps within the users control panel to renew the listing and reset it to Active.

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