How do I add a package for an agent, investor or builder, so they can manage multiple listings under one account?

The multi-listing account uses different packages then those of a single listing account.

To add a package for a multi-listing account, such as an Agent, Builder or Investor, do the following:

  1. Login to your website admin.
  2. Click on FS Control Panel.
  3. First you want to make sure the Multi-Listing account is active. To do this, go to FS Settings. If it is already active, skip to step 8.
  4. Click on Additional Settings.
  5. Find the setting, Real Estate Agent/Investor - Multi-Listing Account and set it to ON.
  6. Click Save Changes.
  7. Click to go back to FSBO Menu.
  8. Click on Items and Packages.
  9. Click to Add Agent/Multi Listing Package.
  10. Enter a package name.
  11. Enter a price for the package.
  12. If you are allowing a trial period or not.
  13. Enter the price that the trial is worth.
  14. Enter a description of the package.
  15. Set the package to be active.
  16. Set the time period in which listings will need to be renewed.
  17. Enter the # of listings included with the package. This way they can buy a pack of listings, or enter 1 if they have to purchase listings individually.
  18. Enter the maximum # of photos.
  19. Select features and agent tools NOT included with this package.
  20. Click to Add Package.

That's all. Your new multi-listing package will now appear on the website for users to choose when signing up as a multi-listing account type.

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