When using package template B, I get a Javascipt error on the Select Package page.

Problem: If you are using the Package Layout B, you may receive a javascript error when loading the page or attempting to use the drop down to select a package. In addition, the description of the package does not change when a different package is selected from the drop down menu.

Cause: This is usually caused by an invalid character or line break used in the package description.

Solution: To correct the problem, you can either switch to Package Template A, or correct the package description.

Switching to Package Template A
To solve this issue by changing your package layout, do the following:

  1. Login to the website admin.
  2. Click on FS Control Panel.
  3. Click on FS Settings.
  4. Click on Additional Settings.
  5. Select "A" from the "Select Package Page" Layout drop down.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Fixing the Description
To solve this issue by correcting the package description, try the following:

  1. Login to the website admin.
  2. Click on FS Control Panel.
  3. Click on Items & Packages.
  4. Click to View Listing Packages.
  5. Click on the package name.
  6. Review the description for any line breaks. Such as the skipping of a line or possible a place where an [enter] (return carriage) has been entered. Keep in mind, it is not visible, so you will have to look closely. If you find a line break simply delete it using your backspace key.
  7. Click Save Changes.
  8. Check the remaining packages for line breaks.
  9. Return to the website and go back to the package selection page. See if you still get the error.
  10. If you receive the error, try de-activating packages (process of elimination). To do this, return to your View Packages page (leave your website open at the packages page and open a new window for your website admin).
  11. Click on the Package Name.
  12. Set the Active drop down to NO.
  13. Save Changes.
  14. Return to your packages page and refresh.
  15. Do this for each package until the error disappears. Once you have found the package that is causing the issue, do steps 2-7.
  16. If you continue to get the error, submit a support request and we will assist in finding the trouble character or line break.

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