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Outlook deletes messages from WebMail when downloaded. Save messages in WebMail while using Outlook or similar program.

Yes, you can keep messages in WebMail or on our server in addition to downloading messages to Outlook. It is recommended to make sure Outlook deletes messages from your Webmail at some point to ensure your mailbox does not get full. Instructions on how to do so are also below.

To enable this setting, do the following:

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Click on Tools
  3. Click on Account Settings (Outlook 2007)
  4. or E-mail Accounts (Outlook 2003)
  5. or Accounts (Outlook Express/97/2000)
  6. Find the account you would like to modify.
  7. Double click on the account.
  8. Click on More Settings (XP/2003/2007) / Skip this step in Outlook Express/97/2000
  9. Click on the Advanced tab.
  10. Check the box Leave a copy of messages on the server.
  11. We also recommend checking the  Remove from server after 30 days option.
  12. We also recommend checking the Remove from server when deleted from Deleted Items option.
  13. When done, click OK.
  14. Click Next.
  15. Then click Finished.
  16. If you are looking to clear space from our server, make sure to Empty the Deleted Items folder often. You can do this by right clicking on the Deleted Items folder, then clicking Empty Folder.

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