How do I setup design integration with FirstIDX and my non-LinkU website?

If you design your own website or have your website hosted elsewhere, you may need to seek the assistance of your webmaster to assist you with the design integration for your website and the FirstIDX service.

Basically design integration is the "mirroring" of your web design to our server. The images, css files, javascript files or other references will continue to be hosted on your server. However our server will contain HTML from your web design which will basically just duplicate the look of the site when the user is viewing pages from our server.

To do this, you will need to perform the following steps (they may vary based on how your website is created). You will most likely want to contact your web design or webmaster to complete the steps.

  1. You will first want to break your website HTML up into a header and footer (See Figure A).
  2. Then you will need to ensure all your links, such as hyperlinks, menu item links, style sheets, javascript references, images, flash or other items all use an absolute path, which includes your domain name (See Figure B).
  3. Once you have prepared your header and footer HTML then you are ready to integrate it into your FirstIDX.
  4. Next, open a new internet window and Login to FirstIDX admin.
  5. Click on Design Settings.
  6. Click on Click Edit Header/Footer.
  7. Select ON from the Use Custom drop down box.
  8. Place your cursor in the Custom Header HTML text area box.
  9. Right Click, then select Paste your Header HTML code.
  10. Place your cursor in the Custom Footer HTML text area box.
  11. Right Click, then select Paste your Footer HTML code.  .
  12. Click to Save Changes.

Figure A

Figure B

Note: In most cases LinkURealty will complete the IDX integration for you, however there are certain cases where the integration is more complex and requires more, where it is not included in the setup fees.

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