How do I IDX/MLS for my website?

To add MLS/IDX to your website, you will usually need to contact your MLS or Association to find out what steps are necessary in displaying the IDX on your website.

Do you already have IDX links from your MLS? If so click here to learn how to add the IDX to your website.

How to get IDX for your Website
There are are usually a few ways to get IDX on your website. You can utilize a pre-built product from your MLS, sometimes available at an additional charge from your MLS or free. This all depends on your MLS. LinkURealty generally does not have charges for adding the IDX feature to your website. In special cases will LinkURealty have an additional charge.

In addition the MLS may have documents for you to sign and fax back to them, as displaying IDX on your website is done per your MLS' and board's rules, so you must agree to comply with those rules in order to display IDX listings on your website.

Some associations have restrictions on IDX use. For example in some areas, only brokers are allowed to use IDX, associations may charge additional fees to use their IDX features, associations may restrict the type of IDX available to agents, such as framing or data feed. Each MLS and association have their own rules and restrictions, however LinkURealty can investigate the rules for you if you are unsure about your IDX availability.

Note: It is very rare that LinkURealty would be the reason you were unable to get IDX capabilities on your real estate web site.

LinkURealty can also assist you with setting up your IDX. Simply submit a support request from your website admin, or contact us to have us assist you to setup your IDX.

IDX Framing/SmartFraming
Allows you to offer MLS/IDX searches, search results, and listing details, but that these pages are served from either the MLS's computers or an aggregator that has an agreement with the MLS to provide this service.

When a visitor does a search on your website using the IDX/MLS feature, they get results right from the IDX/MLS. Most framed IDX's will not display the contact information for the listing agent, simply a statement such as "Courtesy of John Smith of JS Realty", therefore making YOU the first contact when a customer inquires about a listing.

LinkURealty can take full advantage of framing IDX listings from virtually any source. IDX framing is the easiest and most economical way to display MLS listings on your website.

IDX Data Feed/FTP
A data feed means that your MLS will offer FTP access to you or your website developer to download raw MLS data from their server. However this usually means that you will need to pay to have the database developed and search forms, e.t.c, or you would need to subscribe to a service that already has the IDX developed. In this case, LinkURealty's PremiumIDX or FirstIDX solution is the best way to go for the best IDX solution.

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