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Knowledge Base

  1. Master Sites & Sub-Sites 

    1. Viewing & assigning leads to and from sub-sites
  2. Account & Billing 

    1. Why was I charged $1 by your company?
    2. Website Cancellation
    3. Viewing and Printing Invoices
    4. Update Credit Card Information and Activate Automated Billing
    5. Pay Invoices Online
  3. Blog 

    1. Blog displays error, "No ID Specified" when trying to access Blog administration log in.
    2. How do I create or setup my LinkU blog?
    3. How do I update or post to my blog?
    4. How do I update the header or logo image on My Blog?
    5. How do I add a 3rd party blog feed to my website?
  4. Campaign Manager 

    1. Allow users to subscribe to e-mail mailing list via text message
    2. Subscribe User to Mailing List through Custom Form
    3. Create subscribe link for specific mailing list
    4. Insert dynamic values such as Name, Domain, etc into your e-mail campaign
    5. E-mails sent from the Campaign Manager are not being received
  5. Contacts, Leads & Forms 

    1. Can I create a custom form and have it send me the results or data in an e-mail?
    2. ERROR! Missing account ID or domain name. Please check your form and try again.
    3. ERROR! Missing form source or permission denied. Please check your form and try again.
    4. Where does the data from my lead forms go?
    5. Receiving SPAM leads and using enabling the image key (CAPTCHA)?
  6. Domain Names, DNS & Nameservers 

    1. MX Records
    2. Redirect multiple domain names to your website or specific page on your site
    3. Creating and managing sub domain names for your domain name
    4. Website or Domain Name Cannot be Found/Server not found
    5. Design Integration and/or External Files Not Found
  7. E-mail 

    1. Creating new e-mail addresses.
    2. How do I change my e-mail password?
    3. How to Resolve "Exceeded Disk Space" Error Messages
    4. How to manage and/or remove e-mail accounts.
    5. Forwarders and Forwarding e-mail
  8. E-mail (Software) 

    1. What are the E-Mail Program Settings, Such as POP3, IMAP and SMTP Servers?
    2. How do I setup e-mail on my iPhone?
    3. Setup E-mail Account on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet
    4. Setup E-mail on Android Mobile Phone
    5. Setup email in Outlook Express / Outlook 2000
  9. General Website (All Systems) 

    1. How do I get FTP access for my website?
    2. Where can I place my VoiceConnect link and/or banner on my website?
    3. Can I Add a Javascript, or Custom Script for Live Chat, Stats or Other Features to My Website?
    4. Can I Enable a "Coming Soon" or "Under Construction" Page While Working on My Website?
    5. How do I change the color of the links and text at the bottom of the site?
  10. Agents & Offices / Employees & Locations 

    1. I cannot delete an office or agent.
    2. Can agents edit their own listings?
    3. How do my agents create their own profile page or bio using the LinkUBroker feature?
    4. Photos on the agents/employees page appear distorted.
    5. An employee or agent is not showing on the website.
  11. Link Directories 

    1. How do I add a list or page of links to my website?
  12. LinkURealty FS System 

    1. Adding My Listings to a FS Website
    2. How customize the "Listing Finished" page (Step 7 Sign-Up Complete)
    3. Adding affiliate code for tracking purchases
    4. How do I add a package for an agent, investor or builder, so they can manage multiple listings under one account?
    5. Can I require a lead form before searching FS/FSBO listings?
  13. LinkURealty MLS/IDX 

    1. Design Integration with iHomeFinder (Dynamic Wrapper)
    2. Design Integration with IDX Broker (Static/Dynamic Wrapper)
    3. Design Integration with iHomeFinder/FirstIDX (Static Wrapper)
    4. Does the LinkU Listing Database sync my IDX/MLS Listings?
    5. Import Listings from IDX Broker
  14. LinkURealty Property Listings 

    1. Filter listings by 1031 exchange
    2. Filter listings by foreclosures, short sale, As-Is, REO, etc.
    3. Filter listings by City
    4. Filter listings by Sold/Pending.
    5. Filter only listings marked Coming Soon
  15. LinkURealty Tools 

    1. Create a short/tiny URL for a page on your website.
    2. Create Dynamic SMS Text Code, Response or Listing Prop ID
  16. Marketing Tools 

    1. How Do I Track My Pay-Per-Click Advertising for My Website? What is Pay-Per-Click Tracker?
    2. My photo and logo are missing from my printable flyers, CMA or other items. How do I add them?
    3. How do I update my profile or contact information which is displayed on
  17. Members Area 

    1. Adding New Members
    2. Adding Comments and Updates
    3. Uploading Documents and Downloads to Members Area
    4. Creating a New Members Area
  18. Mobile Website 

    1. Setting Up your LinkU Mobile Website
  19. Profile 

    1. How do I edit the information on my contact page?
    2. I get the error: HTTP 400 Bad Request when trying to upload a photo or logo
    3. Why are My Phone Number, Profile, E-Mail Address, Address Changes Not Saving?
    4. How do I change my phone number, profile, e-mail address or address?
    5. Can I add additional primary service areas to my profile?
  20. RSS Feeds 

    1. How to insert RSS feed content into a custom page.
    2. I added an RSS feed, but it appears blank or displays an error.
    3. How do I add an RSS / XML feed to my website?
    4. I Added an RSS Feed, But it is Not Displaying Correctly, or is Not Displaying Anything.
    5. What is an RSS / XML feed?
  21. Search Engines Optimization 

    1. Google sends "Fix mobile usability issues" warning e-mail
    2. How Do I Get My Website Indexed or Found by the Search Engines?
    3. Creating search engine friendly URLs
    4. Create 301 Redirects from an Old Website
    5. What is the difference between organic and sponsored results?
  22. Shopping Cart / Online Store 

    1. Shipping using a flat rate per item.
    2. Automatic shipping calculations by weight using USPS
    3. Shipping based on price range of total order.
    4. Automatic shipping calculations by weight using UPS
    5. Tracking online store sales using Google Analytics
  23. Virtual Office 

    1. Using the Documents & Files page
  24. Website Content 

    1. How to add YouTube videos to your website or listings
    2. Editing website content pages
    3. Create and edit hyperlinks in your website content
    4. The url I am framing is not displaying the expected page or website
    5. Local Weather Page is Displaying an Error, "An Error Has Occurred. Invalid Location Code Provided."
  25. Website Errors & Issues 

    1. Are LinkURealty Websites ADA Compliant?
    2. Is LinkU affected by the Heart Bleed bug?
    3. Some website features not working in IE 11
    4. Website graphics are distorted or "messed up", spacing is off, text is off, images are broken up
    5. Photo Galleries do not display properly.
  26. Website Navigation 

    1. My website menu has disappeared in latest Firefox or IE10 update
    2. The design, navigation menu or links on shopping cart pages do not match the website.
    3. Menu has disappeared or is not displaying on website
    4. How do I add, remove, edit and manage my categories, DeluxeMenu and assign menu items to categories?
    5. Can I add a link to another website on my navigation menu?
  27. ZSERIES Starter 

    1. How do I add my agent photo to my ZSERIES website?
    2. Why Do My Form's Drop-Down Boxes Disappear When Scrolling the Page?
    3. How do I use the DeluxeMenu or category menu on my ZSERIES website?
    4. I changed ZSERIES templates and now I cannot see my DeluxeMenu on my website
    5. How do I change my ZSERIES website design or template?
  28. All articles 

    1. MX Records
    2. Adding New Members
    3. What are the E-Mail Program Settings, Such as POP3, IMAP and SMTP Servers?
    4. How Do I Track My Pay-Per-Click Advertising for My Website? What is Pay-Per-Click Tracker?
    5. Can I create a custom form and have it send me the results or data in an e-mail?

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